NFC Mini Tag

8mm FPC Mini RFID NFC Tag

FPC Micro mini RFID NFC tag is widely used in electronic products, toy, food, tobacco, wine, drug, cosmetic, accessories and other high-end products trace-ability, security and home entertainment applications, wearable smart application and some insert applications.

RFID Laundry Tag

Washable UHF Textile Tags to Benefit Clothing Logistics

  RFIDHY has developed a new way to tag and track rentals and returns of uniforms using radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. Our customer uses UHF-band washable, soft linen RFID tags built into the uniforms to facilitate batch readings and enable more efficient real-time tracking of clothing inventories. The durable, soft linen RFID tags are built…

RFID One-Off Paper Card for Tickets Management

Currently, RFID paper card, along with the development of RFID tech and social progress, has gradually been applied into ticket management in scenic spots. Due to using the carrier of electronic information as tickets, each RFID card is encrypted and can be automatically identified by access control system, which advoids fraud and human factors. Hence,…

In Stock UHF Sticker Tag for Inventory, Retail, Supply Chain, etc.

Specification IC: Alien/Higgs3 Substrate: PET Antenna Process: Aluminum ETCH(AL10um) Protocol: ISO/IEC 18000-6C, EPC Class1 Gen2 Operating Frequency: 860~960MHz Operating Mode: Passive Write Cycles: 100,000 Operating Limits: -40~70℃/ 20%~90% RH. Storage Limits: -20~50℃ / 20%~90% RH(Without condensation). The recommended storage temperature: 20~30℃ / 50% RH. Inlay Format: in roll Delivery Format: 2000±10pcs /roll,4 rolls /carton Application…