NFC permits reading a variety of physical objects

through the use of smart tags. With NFC and smart tag you will be able to instantly pull

down a new recipe from a grocery store ad, get detailed information from a movie poster,

select college classes, learn how to best serve your favorite wine, and so much more, all

with a wave of your phone.

The applications are only limited by the

imagination and creativity of the individual. This makes the experience of mobile internet

and other mobile services fast and convenient, and presents new opportunities. Mobile NFC

is making the ‘internet of things’ a reality, opening the world of NFC applications to

new audiences, including advertisers, marketing agencies and potentially to every consumer

using a mobile NFC phone.

Shanghai huayuan smart is the leading developer,

manufacturer, and supplier of RFID transponders and inlays for a broad range of

applications in all current frequency standards. We can supply you with LF, HF and UHF

inlays. Aspiring for leadership in product yield, quality and performance, we offer an

extensive yet continually expanding range of RFID products in various formats and

frequencies for use in limitless RFID applications worldwide.