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Great Wolf Opts for RFID-enabled Wristbands at Its Newest Waterpark

The new Colorado Springs, Colo. property of Great Wolf Resorts, Inc.(GWRI), which were specially designed for use at water parks. The 79,000-square-foot water park opened for business at the end of January 2017, featuring 13 water slides, a four-story “tree house water fort,” and numerous other attractions and amenities. GWRI, a chain of water parks…


Airline RFID: Fiji now flies with RFID Technology

Fiji Airways is implementing Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) to improve in-cabin inspections for emergency equipment onboard the aircraft such as life vests, life rafts, oxygen bottles, fire extinguishers, extension seat belts, earmuffs, flashlights, survival kits, and oxygen generators across the A330, B737, ATR, and Twin Otter fleet. Fiji has completed the large installation of over 4,000 ultrahigh-frequency RFID tags throughout…


HY-RDM880 13.56MHz MIFARE DESFire RFID Reader Module with 2 SAM

HY-RDM880 Series module is a contactless smart card reading and writing module developed based on ISO/IEC14443 -1, -2, -3, -4 and ISO15693 international standard protocols. It adopts highly integrated special card reading chip, advanced watchdog and voltage monitoring circuit project design and features a high degree of integration, strong anti-interference ability, small size and more…


Why RFID woven wristband is succeeding at music festivals?

“Why RFID wristbands are succeeding at music festivals” The future of live events is digital, and soon, your ticket, the way you pay for drinks and even your ability to share the experience on social networks, could all be done with a tap of the wrist. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) wristbands are set to feature at…