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How to Choose NFC Tags that Best Suit Your Needs?

This is a quick guide with everything you need to know to choose the right type of NFC chip. First of all, an important advice: if you plan to apply the NFC Tag on a metal surface, it is necessary to use the On-metal NFC Tags, otherwise the metal surface will interfere with the magnetic…



How to Integrate RFID Tags in Any Tracking Application?

The radio-frequency identification (RFID) tracking and error-proofing functions, typically used in machines, can often be replaced with other methods such as sensors, work procedures and barcode readers. However, RFID sure has created many niches over the past 50 years. For many years now, the 1-bit RFID tag has been tracking anything that needed tracking. The…


NFC-enabled Bottles

Malibu Rum Launches Largest Global Campaign Using NFC-enabled Bottles

Malibu, popular coconut flavoured rum, is launching a new ‘connected’ bottle. Rolling out exclusively in Tesco at the beginning of September, the 40,000 ‘connected’ bottles use an entirely app-less technology called NFC (Near Field Communication); resulting in the largest global deployment of NFC on a consumer product in alcohol. This requires the user to do…


rfid supply chain

RFID’s Role In the Food Supply Chain

RFID is playing a big role in the apparel supply chain. But there are several ways to extend the benefits of RFID to the food industry as well. In particular, RFID can increase efficiency within the supply chain and can help ensure the quality of perishable goods. Millions of people around the world don’t have…