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UHF Windshield Tag

RFID UHF Windshield Tag for Parking & Access Control

RFID parking and access control system includes software and hardware part. The system is wide versatility, modularity and scalability. These systems are suited for environments including shopping malls, residential access, clubs, hotels, industrial parks, and corporate buildings, to mention a few. Using a system of this scale offers considerable advantages in service and operations to…



NFC Tags Explained

What are NFC tags ? NFC (near field communication) is a wireless technology which allows for the transfer of data such as text or numbers between two NFC enabled devices. NFC tags, for example stickers or wristbands, contain small microchips with little aerials which can store a small amount of information for transfer to another…


RFID Windshield Tag

Benefits of RFID Windshield Tag for Electronic Vehicle Registration

As the vehicle population continues to grow, local, state, and national governments are being overwhelmed with vehicle data and security obligations. Traditional methods of tracking compliance with registration, taxation, and insurance laws are rapidly becoming inadequate. Each year, government agencies lose millions of dollars due to vehicle registration non-compliance. Relying on manual and visual random…


rfid windshield tag

RFID UHF Car Windshield Tag for Automatic Vehicle Identification

It’s already well-known that passive long-range RFID makes automatic vehicle identification (AVI), driver identification and other long-range identification easier. However, less people are aware it also offers important security benefits over active technologies. For example, RFIDHY’s passive RFID can now reliably identify your tag from several meters away, enabling your vehicle to enter a parking…