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Could RFID Technology Wearables be the Future of Event Giveaways?

Walking past the stands at a tech conference, you will undoubtedly receive more than your fair share of freebies. Over time these handouts have become more and more high-tech. First, it was pens and notebooks, now, if you don’t receive a branded cardboard VR viewer at a tech conference, it’s probably because they ran out…


What is RFID Tagging, 10 Answers to the Top 10 Questions

What is RFID Tagging, 10 Answers to the Top 10 Questions 1. What is an RFID Tag? 2.What does RFID Tagging mean? 3.What does an RFID Tag Look Like? 4.What does an RFID Tag do? 5.Can you put an RFID Tag on Metal Items? 6.How Far Does an RFID Tag Signal Travel? 7.How Long Does…


RFID Library Tag

New Arrival! HF/UHF RFID Book Labels for Library Management System

RFIDHY’s Book Labels and Tags are available in three different formats 50 x 50 mm, 95 x 3 mm, 136*3.3 have been developed especially for library management applications. These are supplied in roll form as finished labels/ tags. RFIDHY’s Book labels and tags have been optimized for thermal barcode printers, enabling low cost and hassle-free RFID deployment.…


4 Areas Where Smart Packaging Excels

For the last few years, packaging industry professionals have been curious about the future of smart packaging. While barcodes and quick-response (QR) codes, once considered the “next big thing” in packaging, have proved successful, worries remain regarding cost, feasibility and consumer engagement. With the potential to be a breakthrough in the industry, will brands be…