RFID PVC key tag is durable and are made from PVC. They do not peel apart and snap apart easily with smooth edges. They are printed in gorgeous full color. We have all sorts of configurations — from single key tags of varying sizes to wallet card and keytag combinations. These are designed so you can tuck the card into your wallet, attach the tag to  your keychain, or give one to a spouse or child.

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1. Materials
2. Size
42*26mm, 40*25mm, 36*25mm, 56*28mm, or customized
3. Chip Available
TK4100, EM4200, F08, MIFARE 1K, MIFARE 4K, MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE DESFire EV1, I CODE SLI, Alien H3, Alien H4, Monza 4/5/6, etc.
4. Protocal
ISO11784/ ISO14443A/ ISO15693/ IS18000-6B/ EPC C1 GEN2
5. Frequency
6. Crafts
Barcode, QR Code, Spray number, Laser number, Epoxy, etc.
7. Card Surface
Matt/Glossy finish
8. Operating Temperature
-25°C to + 60°C
9. Storage Temperature
-40°C to + 70°C
10. Application
– Access Control and Time Attendance

– Cashless Vending

– Public Transportation

– Customer Loyalty Programs Loyalty

Product Description

We’ve included our most popular configurations on our web site, including barcode key tags, but if you don’t see what you are looking for here, please contact RFIDHY and we will be able to assist you.

Would you like it if every single time a customer grabbed their keys, your branding was right in front of them? This is what PVC key tags can do for your marketing, customer rewards, VIP or loyalty campaigns. Key tags are very simply, one of the best marketing values for your business!

Available chip technologies

Chip Type Protocal Capacity Function
Available 125KHz Chip
TK4100 / 64 bit Read Only
EM4200 / 128 bit Read Only
T5577 / 330 bit Read/Write
Hitag 1 ISO11784/5 2 kbit Read/Write
Hitag 2 ISO11784/5 256 bit Read/Write
Hitag S 2048 ISO11784/5 2 kbit Read/Write
Available 13.56MHz Chip
MIFARE Ultralight EV1 ISO14443A 80 Byte Read/Write
Ntag203 ISO14443A 144 Byte Read/Write
Ntag215/215/216 ISO14443A 180/540/924 Byte Read/Write
MIFARE Plus ISO14443A  2KB/4KB Read/Write
MIFARE DESFire ISO14443A 2KB/4KB/8KB Read/Write
MIFARE Ultralight C ISO14443A 192 Byte Read/Write
I CODE SLI ISO15693   128 Byte Read/Write
Available 860-960MHz Chip
Alien H3 ISO18000-6C 512 bit Read/Write

Other ICs are available upon request.

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