HF rfid inlay & label
HF Label
13.56 MHz ISO-compliant  RFID HF Label is a perfect fit for library management, product authentication, asset tracking solutions and other applications.

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1. Chip
MIFARE 1K, F08, MIFARE Ultralight, NTAG203/213/215/216, I CODE SLI, I CODE SLI-X, etc.
2. Dimension
φ25/28/30/40mm, 15*30mm, 25*38mm, 25*40mm, 35*35mm, 50*50mm, or customized
3. Material
Inlay Material: PET+AL
Outer Material: PVC, Paper, Anti-metal, etc.
4. Operating Frequency
HF CHIP(13.56MHz)
5. Standard
ISO14443, ISO15693
6. Printing
Silkscreen Printing/Laser Printing Logo & Number
7. Reading Distance
8. Operation Temperature
-20℃ to 60℃
9. Storage Temperature
-20℃ to 70℃
10. Optional
-Wet inlay, dry inlay, label (paper label, PVC label, etc.)
-Silk-screen printing with logo, color
-3M adhesive layer
-Anti-metal layer
-Chip encoding
-Crafts can be customized in accordance with customer requirements for different profucts
11. Applications
-Logistics, supply chain, inventory
-Warehouse, retail
-Clothing, apparel and other item-level retail
-Library, media, documents and files
-Asset management
-Industrial and manufacturing
-Security, aviation
-Embedded applications
-Returnable transport units (RTUs)
-Medical card, pharmaceutical and healthcare, health clubs, hospitals, etc.

Product Description

HF 13.56 MHz ISO-compliant RFID technology is a proven, globally accepted solution for a vast array of markets. The technology is a perfect fit for item-level authentication and asset tracking solutions in pharmaceutical and medical applications. Popular industry applications consist of library and rental item level tagging for automated self checkout and return of printed and digital media, as well as industrial closed loop systems for manufacturing automation. RFID can also be utilized as personal currency in ticketing and customer loyalty card applications.
HF RFID technology offers proven robust performance with short-to-medium read ranges even when used around difficult materials such as liquids and metals.

Available chip technologies

Chip Type Protocal Capacity Function
MIFARE® S50 ISO14443A 1KB  Read/Write
MIFARE® S70 ISO14443A 4KB  Read/Write
MIFARE® Plus  ISO14443A 2KB/4KB  Read/Write
MIFARE® DESFire ISO14443A  2KB/4KB/8KB   Read/Write
Ultralight  ISO14443A 384 bit   Read/Write
Ultralight C  ISO14443A  1184 bit Read/Write
I CODE SLI  ISO15693  128 byte Read/Write

Other ICs are available upon request.