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RFID Reader

The HYH-R66, an extension fo HUAYUAN HYH-R family, is a LCD-integrated NFC Contactless Smart Card Reader. Developed based on the 13.56MHz RFID technology and ISO 18092 NFC Standard, it supports not only ISO14443 Type A and B, Mifare cards, but also FeliCa and all 4types of NFC tags.

The HYH-R66 has all the advantages of HYH-R66 family. It offers excellent support for cases with multiple contactless cards via built-in anti-collision mechanism and direct card type polling commands. For example, HYH-R66 is able to detect FeliCa card only when both Type A and FeliCa cards are present. HYH-R66 also tailor-suites customer's specific requirements, such as faster card responses, LCD, LED & buzzer behaviors, using direct commands.

HYH-R66 is also equipped with 3 SAM slots that readily support multiple system operators, multiple card issuers and multiple applications in a single machine. With its LCD and retractable reader stand, HYH-R66 is an excellent choice to implement almost all kinds of contactless applications, with superior compatibility to existing and future markets.

Smart Card Interface Host Interface
PC/SC Compliant
Contactless Card Interface
USB 2.0
(Full Speed, 12Mbps)
PC/SC Compliant
SAM Interface
Dimensions (with Base Stand)
Card Support 158mm(L) x 95mm(W) x 95mm(H)
ISO14443 Type A & B Certifications/Compliance
Mifare CE, FCC
FeliCa and NFC tags RoHS
ISO7816 T=0& T=1
(SAM Interface)
PICsCustomization Support
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