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Shanghai Huayuan designs and manufactures ISO RFID Card and RFID Tag. We also specialize in designing and engineering UHF Card and Tag for customers all over the world.

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RFID CardRFID TagSmart CardRFID Inlay
RFID CardRFID TagSmart CardRFID Inlay
NFCReaderPlastic Card
NFCReaderPlastic Card  

RFID ISO Card(credit card size) is the most widely used transponder in the RFID identification and access control applications. The RFID card provides the ideal surface for pre-printing or printing by customers themselves. The RFID Card lamination and printing is the main business of Huayuan.

Since 2005, Huayuan have been cooperated with Avery Dennison in the encapsulation of UHF transponders.
Integrated the Avery Dennison's world leading UHF inlay design/ production ability and our a wealth of card/transponder production experience. we provide our customers with High performance and affordable UHF cards/ tags.

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