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Shanghai Huayuan designs and manufactures ISO RFID Card and RFID Tag. We also specialize in designing and engineering UHF Card and Tag for customers all over the world.

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Press releases & other news
  • RFID Tag in the Food Industry[4/2/2013]
      Perhaps not quite yet, but we’re definitely on the way. Tags are getting better, smaller and more durable, and as a bonus, HUAYUANs’ prices are going down. Because ,HUAYUAN considers what is standing in the way of RFID tags in the grocery industry....More
  • RFID Versus Self-Scanning Barcode System[4/2/2013]
      If not RFID, what would be the next thing in grocery retail? Some say self-scanning barcode systems and claim it could cumulate item-level RFID completely....More
  • RFID 125KHz Card[4/2/2013]
      125KHZ cards are low in price and are commonly used in applications such as identification cards, keycards, payment cards,etc.The popular is based on EM proximity chip,our Proximity cards provide a cost effective solution for projects that require an access control solution....More
  • ETC And RFID[4/1/2013]
      To make the toll collection process at the national highways easier and more transparent, the India government will roll out RFID-based electronic toll collection across all the toll plazas on national highways throughout the country by 2014....More
  • RFID LABLE TAG [4/1/2013]
      Imagine pieces of paper that could broadcast their whereabouts....More
  • HUAYUAN Nail Tag[3/29/2013]
      A durable fiberglass housing protects embedded electronics during installation and use. A standard drill hole allows the HUAYUAN Nail Tag transponder to be mounted into dense materials....More
  • RFID Integrated With Cameras to Protect Company[3/29/2013]
      It is a new access-control system, as well as intrusion alarms and security video cameras. Rather than utilizing independent systems to control who enters the building, manage the video streaming of cameras and issue alerts to security guards if an intruder enters, the company opted to deploy an integrated solution comprising RFID readers installed at doorways, as well as a single software system that also manages camera-based data and alarms....More
  • RFID Helps Museum Show Exhibits[3/29/2013]
      With hundreds of thousands of artifacts in possession, museums typically display only a small fraction of items at any one time, while the remaining pieces are kept in storage....More
  • HUAYUAN RFID Animal Tag[3/28/2013]
      HUAYUAN RFID animal tag help manage and safeguard livestock, pets, lab animals and products in the food supply chain. ...More
  • HUAYUAN Luggage Tag[3/28/2013]
      Today's e-passports and e-IDs must be expertly -- and elegantly -- designed to meet a host of demanding technical and compliance considerations. As a trusted leader in contactless inlays, HUAYUAN Luggage Tag and RFID tag offer a wide range of Government ID Solutions featuring innovative products that enable card and passport manufacturers to easily and effectively build solutions that meet these requirements....More
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