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Shanghai Huayuan designs and manufactures ISO RFID Card and RFID Tag. We also specialize in designing and engineering UHF Card and Tag for customers all over the world.

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Posted on 3/7/2013  by HUAYUAN
RFID tags are becoming very common for retail situations where companies want to keep track of inventory, but the application is particularly useful for identifying items on the shop floor. For a company that manufacturers parts that are sometimes stored as work in progress the RFID tag will ensure that the correct item can be selected when it is required to be worked on further in the manufacturing process.
By placing a RFID tag on a work in progress item, the storage of the item does not necessarily have to be regimented as in a normal warehouse situation. Using a barcode or a batch tag attached to a part is less efficient than an RFID tag. The cost of RFID tags are restricting their use on the plant floor, but for many companies that have work in progress items that are costly, the cost of a RFID tag may be a small price to pay.
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