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The NFC World

Posted on 3/7/2013  by HUAYUAN
Many fashion retailer may use advance generation technologies to replace traditional shop assistants and to enhance the customer experience, have added support for NFC to its service.
Customers visiting the store can tap a tag on an item they wish to try on and then pick their size using the NFC application on their smartphone. They then wait for their selection to automatically drop into a chute in the changing room from a robot-operated stockroom in under thirty seconds.
WE just love technology and what it allows us to do and I think that NFC is amazing. It is quickly becoming an integral part of our phones as more and more customers these days have NFC-enabled phones.
NFC is so much faster than the QR code system, although that works very well and there are no problems with it at all. But the customers that I see coming into the store who are using NFC look like they are having a lot of fun and it is very convenient for customers.
We had been thinking about introducing NFC into store and the timing was perfect. The customers are not the only ones who use the technology; it is also being used by the store to control the inventory and find out what each item is. It also allows us to know where items are.
We think that it is very important for us, as retailers around the world, to reinvent the way customers shop in store. It has lost its edge and has fallen behind online shopping and what it needs is an infusion of sorts; an infusion of technology that I found in NFC.
It is so much better to shop in a physical store, but many retailers didn't like the traditional store where you had to deal with piles of clothes everywhere just to find the right size. Online it's easy, you use technology, one click and you're done.
We find NFC technology is the bridge that gap between online shopping and the physical store — it's really fun and exciting!



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