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RFID Tags For School

Posted on 3/6/2013  by HUAYUAN
Many campus selected RFID’s technology to RFID-enable the district’s asset management system. The move empowers campus administrators to directly manage and audit campus inventory of high tech equipment quickly and accurately with less effort than traditional barcode systems.
As school districts adopt technology for students and classrooms, keeping up with equipment becomes increasingly critical. Many campus utilize RFID’s asset management solution to manage locations of their highly diverse and mobile inventory of laptops, tablets, smartboards, and other classroom assets. The solution directly integrates with HUAYUAN RFID tags giving them real time visibility into asset location and movement.
HUAYUAN RFID tags allows administrators to quickly and accurately reconcile inventory and account for item movement from room to room, building to building, and even campus to campus, thus saving the district time and money while fostering a philosophy of reuse.
HUAYUAN provides complete solutions that keep track of the world’s most dynamic assets. HUAYUAN solution and HUAYUAN RFID tags will be adopted by large school districts all over the world.
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